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Yep, lay in the sun and get your vitamins young man. That's what grandma used to say…

You are kidding - aren't you?

I am. but not really because a recent report says kids are not getting enough vitamin D. That's serious because it's essential to bone growth.

Sunlight plays a critical role in this process since it activates vitamin D for calcium absorption. But with so many of us now lathering on sunscreen and spending less time outdoors, kids are just not getting enough of it.

Now there's also evidence that vitamin D deficiency plays a role in some cancers, diabetes and certain autoimmuine diseases. Plus vitamin D is also important in maintaining our immune mechanisms.

In a recent report the American Academy of Pediatrics said that every child in America should be taking a daily vitamin D supplement. The recommendation used to be 200 international units per day. Now they say kids should get twice that at 400IUs a day.

Some claim that even these levels do not go far enough but always check with your pediatrician.

One study of children and adolescents found that 40% had suboptimal levels of this important vitamin and more than 10% were found to be clinically deficient. And rickets, a relatively rare bone disease in the US appears to be on the rise.

Even breast fed children are not safe. All breast fed infants and those who do not consume a quart of formula daily are at risk. For adolescents, four glasses of milk a day is the recommendation.

Certain other foods such as fatty fish like salmon are good sources of vitamin D.

Since fish is unpopular with many people, drink your milk and take your vitamin D. - I think that's what grandma used to say…

Oh brother… I think the sun is getting to you.

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