A Century After the Deadly Spanish Flu
Week of January 18

nobel medalTwenty-eighteen has a number of anniversaries marking big events in history. A century ago women got the vote, World War I ended, but the worst pandemic in history began, the Spanish flu. Even though we’ve learned much about it, the reality is the tragedy could happen again...More »

Wrinkles No More
Week of January 11

wrinkles no more You know, aging is tough on women, but I’m not sure I hate it any less than they do. Yeah, my wife may hate the wrinkles, but I dread hair loss. I know it’s cosmetic but it hurts to look in the mirror sometimes, so what if we could reverse or slow its process? Well, one study is pointing scientists to the mitochondria which may be key to the aging of our skin. .. More »

Why Elephants Are Beating Cancer
Week of January 4

elephantsWhich animal, larger than us, with similar lifespans does not get cancer nearly as often? Whales? Nope. It’s the elephant which is really interesting because you’d expect they’d have a higher incidence of cancer because they have a hundred times the cells we do. But only five percent of elephants die from cancer compared with our twenty five percent. This fits the Peto Paradox which says that cancer risk in animals does not increase with size or longevity and we don’t know why... More »

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