Your Own Natural High
Week of May 20

natural high

For years, we’ve credited endorphins with that post workout high because they’re natural pain killers released by our bodies. New studies studies point to another cause: endocannabinoids, which are like the active ingredient in marijuana...More »

Colonscopy AI Saves Lives
Week of May 13

colonscopy AI saves lives While many people know to get their colon screened when they turn forty-five, most aren’t aware that the rates at which polyps are missed varies among gastroenterologists from six to forty-one percent. That’s not good since precancerous polyps are what lead to colon cancer, the third deadliest cancer in the US. But a new study shows when artificial intelligence is used in colonoscopies, it cuts the number of polyps missed by a whopping thirty percent... More »

Public Health Concerns for Neanderthals
Week of May 6


We’re all living out the nightmare of the COVID zoonosis which is when a disease jumps from animals to humans. But the phenomenon is ancient as evidenced by the “Old Man of La Chapelle”. He’s a fossilized Neanderthal skeleton discovered in a French cave in 1908. Neanderthals disappeared forty thousand years ago... More »

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