The Biological Fountain of Youth
Week of March 27

The Biological Fountain of YouthA mere millennium ago, the average human died in their twenties. And just a century ago, people only expected to live into their forties. Today, the average American has a lifespan of nearly seventy-nine years. That’s nearly doubling our longevity in just over a century.

Biomedical research and regenerative medicine will only lengthen our lives further, but how far? We won’t know unless we understand the causes of aging... More »

Humanizing the Mouse
Week of March 20

Humanizing the MouseNorbert and I both watched a popular movie a few decades ago called The Fly. Yeah, the scientist does an experiment where he ends up half human, half fly. It was creepy, but silly too, except it’s not so silly anymore.

Several labs across the country are now creating human hybrids. The term is used loosely, but at MIT for example, they’re introducing human genes into mice to see the impact on mouse brain function... More »

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