Medical Microbots
Week of October 19

medical microbot When we’re sick we expect to take some medicine or get therapy or at worst, surgery, but how about getting an injection of medical microbots instead? Cool. That almost sounds like getting my own private micro Transformers to battle my diseases. You know, it’s kind of like that... More »

Igor, Bring Me a Brain
Week of October 12

brainAn interesting report released this spring will likely send shock waves through the biological and medical research communities. Researchers reported that they successfully kept pig brains alive completely outside the animal. Yes, a brain taken out of the skull of a dead animal was kept functional in a laboratory! Viktor Frankenstein would be impressed, and his poor assistant Igor would be ecstatic to give up grave robbing and reach for a brain off the shelf. This is fitting, as it has been 200 years since the publication of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” Does this mean that we can survive the eventual failings of our bodies to live as a disembodied brain though? Not so fast!...More »

A Sweet Tooth Might Not Make You Fat
Week of October 5

sweet toothNorbert, you have a sweet tooth; I’ll bet the desserts in your house know your name because the ones in my house call my name, I swear it! (laugh) It seems to get worse with age. My wife has to slap away my hand when I reach for second cookie. So, yeah, I am worried about weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and the whole gamut... More »

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