Altitude Gene, A Denisovan Gift
Week of January 23

Altitude Gene, A Denisovan GiftIf you traveled to Tibet, called the roof of the world, you’d have a tough time catching your breath because the average altitude there is thirteen thousand feet! But Tibetans thrive there! It turns out they’re the only modern humans to possess a gene they may have inherited from a now extinct species of ancient human called Denisovans... More »

We Are Out Smelling Ourselves
Week of January 16

We Are Out Smelling OurselvesYour coffee smells much better than mine. I’ll bet it tastes better too. Yeah, rub my nose in it! You know we shouldn’t be amazed we can tell subtle differences in odors because a new study reveals we can distinguish between an astonishing trillion scents! That blows away our old assumptions... More »

Where's the Beat
Week of January 9

Where's the BeatI wish I could blame my bad dancing on a condition called beat deafness which was first documented only five years ago. Dave, I know you can relate. Oh it’s bad... my poor wife (chuckle). Sadly, we can’t blame our clumsiness on beat deafness because it’s a type of musical brain disorder that’s extremely rare. We can follow a beat; our limbs just don’t cooperate... More »

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