A Teaspoon of Agavin
Week of September 13

Agave plantDave, we both enjoy a good margarita, especially one made with high quality agave tequila. I do, but did you know the same plant used to make it also produces a sweetener? It’s called agavin and researchers believe it may lower blood sugar levels and help people maintain a healthy weight.

That sounds like a contradiction but isn’t because agavin adds no calories. It comes from the agave plant, which is also used to make agave nectar. Unlike agavin, the nectar has calories and raises blood sugar.

Agavin is a natural form of the sugar fructose called a fructan... More »

Warning: Thirdhand Smoke
Week of September 6

SmokeA few years ago we learned cigarettes create not just first and secondhand smoke but thirdhand smoke. This is a family of toxic chemicals left by a cigarette long after it’s been snuffed out. Now we have more reasons to avoid it.

Research shows chemicals from thirdhand smoke, or THS, bind to our DNA causing damage and mutations that could lead to cancer over time. Cigarette smoke has over four thousand pollutants and they linger on carpets, furniture, walls… even the dust in the air. As some THS pollutants accumulate over time, they become more toxic... More »

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