Synthetic DNA to Treat Huntington’s
Week of May 25

huntington's diseaseFor the first time, a drug has shown promise in the treatment of a devastating genetic disease, Huntington’s. In an early clinical trial, the drug, Ionis-HTTRx, reduced the levels of the protein whose accumulation in nerve cells is linked to the disorder... More »

The Truth About Raw Water
Week of May 18

waterJust when we thought things couldn’t get crazier, there’s a movement against tap water that promotes “raw water” which is untreated, unfiltered water. This reminds me of the anti-vaccine movement because it suggests tap water is toxic. They argue that this so-called raw water is better for you because it’s devoid of chlorine and fluoride and contains probiotics that improve the gut flora... More »

Will the Mice Think Like You
Week of May 11

mouseArguably, the greatest frontier in biomedical research remains the mystery of the human brain. Much of what we know comes from animal models, but that leaves major gaps since nothing is like the sophistication and complexity of the human brain... More »

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