Alzheimer's - Could the Brain Be Trying to Protect Us?
Week of October 28

Alzheimer's - Could the Brain Be Trying to Protect Us?In the effort to understand Alzheimer’s disease, an intriguing idea has arisen suggesting that the plaque build-up in the brain, which causes the disease, is actually a result of the brain trying to protect itself.

The plaque is a gathering of protein called amyloid-beta, and a series of experiments with mice revealed that the protein binds to invading microbes in the brain... More »

Genes That Protect the Heart
Week of October 21

Genes That Protect the HeartDave: Apparently, Icelanders have a mutation that protects them from heart disease!

Norbert: Well, I guess it’s only fair considering those bitter winters they endure.

Dave: Actually... I hear it’s not that bad and it’s really beautiful there.

Norbert: Yeah... not fair huh?

And now we know one of their genes lacks twelve letters in the genetic code that reduces their heart attack risk... More »

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