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Not to brag, Norbert, but I will anyway. so far, I've dropped forty pounds and yet, I've not given up my love of olive oil. Dave, I'd usually roast you but I gotta say, you're the man - forty pounds! And you're smart to keep loving on that olive oil because the latest study confirms again this is a superfood.

The study followed more than sixty thousand women and thirty thousand men over thirty years. Every four years, they asked about people's choices of foods and oils. They learned olive oil intake more than doubled from one point six grams a day in nineteen ninety to four grams or a teaspoon a day in two thousand ten. At the same time, margarine use dropped by two thirds to a teaspoon a day.

So, what were the health benefits? People who ate at least half teaspoon of olive oil had an almost twenty percent drop in their risk for heart disease death compared to those who didn't use it. Cancer deaths were down seventeen percent and thirty percent for death from neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Replacing about a tablespoon of butter, margarine or mayonnaise with olive oil reduced the risk of dying from all causes by more than one third.

But it's also true that people who tend to use olive oil are more physically active, non-smokers and eat more fruits and vegetables. While that may be true, the point is our lifestyle choices matter. So, check out our favorite olive oil recipes online:

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