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On today's show, I'm going to put Norbert on the spot - we're playing Nobel Trivia. You game, bud? Of course, I can do this. Okay, you're gonna be on the hotseat for ninety seconds.

Can't wait! but wait - first, a quick refresher for our audience, the Nobel Prize is the most prestigious prize in their categories such as Physiology or Medicine and they're awarded each October. Okay, I'm ready!

Here we go! True or False, Alfred Nobel (the founder of the prize) made his fortune as an innovator of explosives.


Correct! TRUE or FALSE - He was told to move his factory outside Stockholm because they kept blowing up.


Right again.

TRUE or FALSE - One of these explosions killed his brother.


Yes! Why are the awards made on December 10th of each year?

It's the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.

Good! The Nobels were first awarded in what year?


Yes! And All Nobel's are awarded in Stockholm except for which Prize?

The Nobel Peace Prize

Not bad! Only a few left - Which scientist received a Nobel Chemistry prize and a Peace Prize?

Dr. Linus Pauling for Chemistry for his work on protein structure and the Peace prize for his opposition to nuclear weapons.

Yep! How many women have received a science Nobel?

Only six percent!

Nice! What was the profession of Immanuel Nobel, Alfred's father?

Engineer! He invented the rotary lathe which made manufacturing of plywood possible. He also worked on underwater mines and steam power for Russian ships.

Done! That's nine for nine! How'd you do it?

Easy - I just read the script!

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