Vaping is Killing People
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vaping dangers

About two years ago, we did an episode on vaping and warned of its rise and possible health consequences. Yeah, we hate to say we were right, but as of late twenty-nineteen, more than thirty six people have died from severe lung injury from vaping. And so far, there have been over fifteen hundred cases of vaping lung injury.

Exactly how vaping is damaging the lungs is still unclear. At first it seemed that illegal vaping cartridges containing THC was the culprit. THC is the psycho-active component in marijuana. Almost seventy five percent of patients with lung damage reported using these and THC was found in lung biopsies, but there are also reports of pesticide residue in them.

Many of the unregulated cartridges also contain viscous oils. One theory is that the oil “covers” the lung surface which the body has a hard time removing. Then the lung isn’t able to absorb oxygen and becomes inflamed which is how someone ends up in the ER needing a respirator.

There are also contaminant chemicals in the vaping solution. Some pathologists say the lungs look as if they’d had chemical exposure which can lead to acute respiratory distress syndrome and death. People should stop vaping.

The biggest manufacturer Juul has voluntarily removed flavored e-cigarettes from the market. We need a decision from the White House to ban flavored e-cigarettes to people under 21.

Our stance is clear – stop selling and using these products.

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