An Aspirin a Day
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For you aspirin advocates � a new study found that an aspirin a day keeps cancer away. Well, it doesn�t quite say that, but it comes pretty close.

The study examined eight clinical trials and found that people who took a daily low dose aspirin for four years reduced their chances of dying from many common cancers by 44%. Another study showed aspirin�s remarkable effects on people with hereditary colorectal cancer. Those who took high doses of aspirin daily for two years lowered their chances of developing the disease by 60%!

Despite these findings, no medical group is making a formal recommendation for people to start taking aspirin daily because none of the large studies were designed specifically to assess aspirin�s effects on cancer. Plus, doctors hesitate to tell presumably healthy people to start taking aspirin regularly as the drug can cause side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding.

But it�s getting hard to ignore all the evidence pointing to aspirin�s potential to prevent cancer. A 2010 British study showed that taking aspirin for five years lowered a person�s risk of dying from esophageal, stomach, pancreatic, brain, lung and prostate cancers by more than 20%.

Aspirin works by inhibiting the activities of an enzyme called cyclooxygenases which creates an inflammatory environment in the body that can promote tumor growth. A new guideline for aspirin therapy suggests starting a daily regimen at age 50 until age 70, at which time it should be stopped to reduce the risk of internal bleeding. As always, it�s important to consult your doctor before starting such a regimen.

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