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Wakefield Autism ScandalWhen Andrew Wakefield published his now completely discredited paper linking the MMR vaccine to the development of autism, he held a news conference.

Calling it a “moral issue,” Dr. Wakefield, then a gastroenterologist, told reporters he could no longer support the use of the three-in-one vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella and called for “urgent further research.”

Ironically, in his paper, he said himself the study was done on just twelve children and did not prove a link. That was twelve years ago, and sparked one of the most contentious health stories of this generation. 

What we know today is investigations have shown that nothing Wakefield claimed about the children in his study matches their medical records. Lancet, the journal that published Wakefield’s paper, recently retracted it, stating it never should have been published.

Even more damning is learning Wakefield was being paid before and during the study for advising lawyers on a lawsuit against the makers of the MMR vaccine. At the time he entered the children into his study, their parents were already clients of the lawyers paying him. Eventually they paid him nearly seven hundred thousand dollars.

None of these conflicts of interest were disclosed during the study or its publication. As the result of Wakefield’s claims, vaccination rates dropped dramatically, leading to a significant increase in measles infections.

The result is more children are suffering complications, including death. By comparison, the MMR vaccine is many times safer. Nearly all will have no side effects and in extremely rare cases, less than 1 out of one million children, develop encephalitis. 

What’s significant is not one study on MMR has found any evidence supporting Wakefield’s claims. Yet, today too many parents decline to vaccinate their children against potentially deadly diseases.

If you’re debating whether to vaccinate your children, talk to your doctor and get reliable information from links on our website.

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Wakefield's article linking MMR vaccine and autism was fraudulent
A detailed and important editorial from the British Medical Journal that summarizes the results of the investigation of Andrew Wakefield that found his publication to be scientifically and ethically unsound. It summarizes the investigation and series of articles by Brian Deer, the journalist who lead the investigation and the series of articles he wrote.
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Secrets of the MMR scare: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed
An article from Brian Deer, the journalist who investigated Wakefield's work, publications and links to the law firm suing the manufacturers of the MMR vaccine. It also highlights the many discrepancies in his reports of the children's medical records. It is a very complete discrediting of Wakefield and the claim that vaccinations are associated in any way with autism.
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Exposed: Andrew Wakefield and the MMR-autism fraud
Brian Deer's comprehensive article detailing his investigation and its outcome.
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Autism activists defend embattled Dr. Wakefield
An Aolnews story about Andrew Wakefield and his stance on children's vaccinations including those that continue to support him and those that brought him down.
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Andrew Wakefield, British Medical Journal articles on his fraud, and the thinking person's guide to autism
The report of the Wakefield scandal on an Autism support website and comments from people about its impact on them. The report has several links for additional reading.
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