Migraine Relief


About one in seven people suffer from migraines. When this happens, the intense pulsing or throbbing pain can last for hours and some people even vomit. People have found relief through a variety of drugs and methods such as avoiding stress, bright or flashing lights, and certain foods.

But a new drug may be more effective for some that currently get no relief.It's called Aimovig and in clinical trials was able to reduce recurrent migraines by at least half in one third of patients. These same people had tried up to four other treatments and found no relief, until Aimovig.

The drug is injected and blocks something called CGRP which stands for calcitonin gene related peptide. CGRP is a peptide that's released in the brain during migraine attacks and may be one factor that causes it.

CGRP was first linked to migraines in nineteen-eighty-five when scientists saw that it fell to normal levels when patients were successfully treated with another drug. That's because CGRP is a potent dilator of arteries. It does this by relaxing muscles in the blood vessels of membranes that envelop the brain and spinal column. The over-relaxed muscles allow a rush of blood in the brain and causes the throbbing pain.

Aimovig works by blocking the binding of CGRP to its receptor which then stops a series of signals that lead to abnormal dilation of blood vessels in the brain. This then prevents a migraine. Fortunately, the drug is safe for people and has few side effects, so it may have a smooth transition to the market.

While we still need to search for the exact cause of migraines, having another drug that may take this awful pain away, is really one answer sufferers need.

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