Anyone Interested in Renting My DNA?


To get your DNA analyzed, you have to pay about a hundred dollars to companies like twenty-three and me or Ancestry dot com. But how would you like to make money on your genomic information?

If you haven't heard about Luna DNA or Nebula Genomics, they and other companies focused on big health data will become better known in the near future. They understand the data they collect is vital to medical researchers at universities, and biotech and pharmaceutical companies. The information may lead to the next blockbuster therapeutic or diagnostic.

To make it appealing for you to provide your heath data, they will give you an analysis of your genomic DNA much like the commercial companies do now. Your genes can reveal your susceptibility to certain diseases such as breast cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Understanding your genes may help you understand any current health issues. In addition, you can receive monetary compensation when your genetic or health information is used in a research study.

Some companies use a model that rewards participants every time a researcher accesses your information. You won't get rich but it's a clever way to monetize your participation. And if you've already had a genomic analysis done, you still may be able to sell your information to these new companies.

An added benefit might just be that your genetic and health information leads to that next big medical advance that helps millions of people. That maybe the best reason to get involved.

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