Zombie Genes
Week of January 13

ZombieWhen does a person actually die? I know it seems like a silly question, Norbert. Most people assume it’s when the heart stops but it turns out genes not only continue to work hours after death, but some genes actually turn on upon death.

A new study looked at messenger RNA which are used by genes to tell cells which proteins to produce. The more messenger RNA there is, the more active the gene. In zebra fish and mice, there was gene activity from half an hour up to 96 hours after death... More »

2016 Nobel Prizes
Week of December 30

Nobel medalThe Nobel Prizes represent an exclusive club of exceptional individuals whose work have greatly benefitted mankind.

One of its six categories is the Physiology or Medicine prize which this year was awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi from the Tokyo Institute of Technology for discoveries of the mechanisms of autophagy... More »

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