A Blood Test to Help Choose an Antidepressant
Week of November 25

A Blood Test to Help Choose an AntidepressantChoosing which antidepressant to take is not simple… it’s almost like dating. You ask a lot of questions, such as am I nervous? How will I feel? And then, there’s no way to know until you’ve tried it. But scientists may have found a way to cut through all that work with a simple blood test in particular, for people who need more aggressive treatment... More »

Cancer Detection in a Breath
Week of November 18

Cancer Detection in a BreathOnce someone has had cancer, they have one fear: that it may come back. That fear is heightened for people with deadly tumors, such as lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer deaths in every ethnic group. These patients follow up with regular CT scans to look for tumors, but a new test under study would need just the person’s breath.

The breath test looks for volatile organic compounds or VOCs, of which there are thousands in the exhaled breath... More »

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