Genes That Protect the Heart
Week of October 21

Genes That Protect the HeartDave: Apparently, Icelanders have a mutation that protects them from heart disease!

Norbert: Well, I guess it’s only fair considering those bitter winters they endure.

Dave: Actually... I hear it’s not that bad and it’s really beautiful there.

Norbert: Yeah... not fair huh?

And now we know one of their genes lacks twelve letters in the genetic code that reduces their heart attack risk... More »

Jet Dryers Spread Microbes
Week of October 14

Jet Dryers Spread MicrobesMost public bathrooms now offer you a choice of how to dry your hands: jet dry or paper towel? Some places encourage you to use a hand dryer since it’s easier on the planet, but is it better for your health?

It turns out the new high speed hand dryers actually spread viruses sixty times more than standard air dryers and 1,300 times more than paper towels. It makes sense because most people do a poor job of handwashing, so microbes stay on their hands and get spread into the air by these 400-mile-per-hour super hand dryers... More »

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