A Real Game of Thrones
Week of July 31

Egyptian pyramidsAncient Egypt is among the most studied ancient societies, so it can seem as if there’s not much more to discover. Archeologists continue to prove us wrong, though. Just a year ago they unearthed a dynasty that historians had only speculated existed.

They found the mummy of a pharaoh from the Abydos Dynasty during Egypt’s second intermediate period from 1640 to 1550 BCE. The tomb is south of Cairo and contains a sixteen ton sarcophagus made of red quartzite. What’s interesting is that the sarcophagus was taken from the tomb of an earlier dynasty. This and other reuse of materials in the tomb suggests the Abydos Dynasty had limited resources and faced pressures from two larger kingdoms: the Thebes Dynasty to the north and the Hyksos Dynasty to the south... More »

A Way Out of Our Antibiotic Crisis?
Week of July 24

A petri dishWith the advancement of biomedical science, you may find it hard to believe that we’re only able to grow less than one percent of all bacteria. That’s a big problem because growing and studying bacteria is how we discover antibiotics. And finding new antibiotics is vital if we’re to save the millions who’ll die from drug-resistant bacteria.

Scientists study microbes to learn how they defend themselves... More »

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