Blood Test for Concussions
Week of February 22

concussions The gold standard for diagnosing a concussion is a CT scan of the head. But what if you don’t have a concussion? That would be unnecessary radiation, except now you have another option: a blood test. ... More »

Mucus is Not Just for Swallowing Anymore
Week of February 15

noseDave, do you know that our mucus actually helps spread the flu virus? That’s a surprise! I knew that our mucus protects us from certain microbial invaders, but help the flu virus? No... More »

The Unique Gift of Human Speech
Week of February 8

human speechWe’re so enamored with products like Siri and Alexa because they can speak to us and the more human the better. Yeah, the google AI assistant caused quite a stir when it made a restaurant reservation that sounded just like a person because it injected “ums” when it spoke. We remain the only species on earth that can speak and process words...More »

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