See Like a Dolphin
Week of August 26

See Like a DolphinHave you ever opened your eyes while diving in the ocean without a mask and realized that you really can’t see very well? Well, children among a nomadic sea faring people known as the Moken can see underwater with total clarity — but what’s really interesting is other children can learn it in a matter of weeks.

The Moken people have historically been totally dependent upon the ocean surrounding the Mergui Archipelago, islands off the southwestern coast of Myanmar. For nine months of the year, they live on boats, so Moken children spend a lot of time in the water and help gather seafood... More »

A Good Night's Sleep
Week of August 19

A Good Night's SleepThough few things are as satisfying to me as a good night’s sleep, it’s becoming harder to achieve as I age. When I get insomnia, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to sleep!

Getting enough ZZZs is so important that all creatures need it, from insects to reptiles to mammals. When humans lack sleep, they’re at risk for obesity, high blood pressure, and changes in cognitive function and behavior... More »

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