Autism: Beyond the Genes
Week of November 15

autism geneAs scientists look for genes that may be responsible for Autism Spectrum disorders or ASD, a new study points to regions of DNA outside of genes. That may be confusing because normally with genetic disorders, you think of single gene mutations that cause disease, for example, sickle cell disease. However, in ASD, the genes involved that we know about so far only account for a small fraction of new cases. So, the question is can mutations in other regions of the DNA contribute to ASD?... More »

What Happened to one Twin in Space
Week of November 8

twins in spaceIdentical twins allow scientists to study how our environment affects the human body, even how well we adapt to space. And for that we can thank identical twin astronauts Mark and Scott Kelly. They’re the only twins to both go to space and serve on multiple missions. ... More »

Heart Powered Pacemakers
Week of November 1

heart powered pacemakerWe don’t give a thought to replacing batteries, like the ones in my watch. But for millions of people with pacemakers near their hearts, changing that battery requires surgery! Maybe one day they won’t need to because some clever scientists invented a pacemaker that’s powered by the heart itself... More »

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