Heart Cells on Demand
Week of February 24

Heart Cells on DemandBy the time you finish reading this, three Americans will have had a heart attack. That’s why a great deal of research has focused on how to heal the heart after such an ordeal.

A new study reveals stem cells from one Macaque monkey successfully transplanted into five other Macaques, healing their hearts after a heart attack. If this works in humans, we could match stem cells between donors and heart attack patients just like we do with organ donation... More »

Pet Yeasts
Week of February 17

Pet YeastsWe’ve domesticated dogs, cats, and livestock, but did you know we’ve gotten good at domesticating yeast? Belgian scientists the genome sequences of 157 industrial yeast strains and they all arose from just a few ancestors. In fact, our cultivation of those yeast have made them incapable of surviving in nature.

The earliest literate people left the first surviving evidence of humans domesticating yeast... More »

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