Why We Don't Bite Our Tongues
Week of December 26

Medicine: A Team SportIf you’re munching on a snack during this episode, ponder why you rarely bite your tongue when you eat. We should know more about this intricate mechanism, but it’s something we’re slowly uncovering.

Two types of neurons work together to coordinate muscle movements of the jaw and tongue, the motoneurons which in turn are controlled by the premotor neurons. But exactly which premotor neurons connect to which motoneurons and the precise muscles have remained a mystery... More »

Medicine: A Team Sport
Week of December 19

Medicine: A Team SportYou know how your mom makes your burger just the way you like it and can read your body language? Most moms don’t treat her children the same since they’re each unique. Well, medicine is working to do just that... More »

Quick Diagnosis for Early Treatment
Week of December 12

Quick Diagnosis for Early TreatmentIf you’re getting your child tested for strep throat, it usually takes just minutes to get the results back. But in most cases, it takes days to weeks to find out which microorganism is making someone sick. We can’t depend on symptoms because many infections resemble the flu... More »

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