You Have Become So Dense
Week of June 28

bone densityOne in two women will break a bone in their lifetime. For some, the bones become so porous as they age that even a sneeze can fracture a bone. But what if bone loss is not inevitable? In a surprising discovery, researchers were able to increase the bone mass of female mice by eight hundred percent through targeting the hormone, estrogen... More »

A Simple Blood Test for Alzheimer's
Week of June 21

alzheimer blood testYou probably know someone who has Alzheimer’s because one out of every three elderly Americans die from it. And while heart disease deaths fell more than ten percent the last fifteen years, deaths from Alzheimer’s jumped over one hundred percent. If we could diagnose Alzheimer’s and dementia earlier, we could not only slow or stop their symptoms but save nearly three hundred billion dollars a year in medical costs, a huge help for burdened families... More »

An Engineered Virus for Childhood Eye Cancer
Week of May 14

genes of ADHDRetinoblastoma is a childhood cancer that affects the developing retina. And if left untreated is fatal. In a third of cases, chemotherapy doesn’t work and one or both eyes have to be removed. But scientists are using a modified virus to kill the cancer... More »

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