Eliminating Human Genetic Diseases
Week of May 26

Eliminating Human Genetic DiseasesA powerful technique called CRISPR is taking us closer to the goal of repairing genetic diseases, including sickle cell disease. This disease is caused by a single change in the genetic code of the gene used to make the hemoglobin protein.

Hemoglobin not only makes our blood red, it delivers life sustaining oxygen to our tissues. But the mutated gene in sickle cell disease creates an altered form of hemoglobin that causes red blood cells to change from disk shaped cells to sickle-shaped ones. These blood cells cannot pass through smaller blood vessels and thus the surrounding tissues become damaged from a lack of oxygen... More »

Duck-Billed Diabetes Treatment
Week of May 19

Duck-billed platypusWhat’s the size of a kitten, has webbed feet, a paddle shaped tail, and deadly spurs on its feet?

One unusual mammal, that's for sure. It’s the duck-billed platypus that lives in Australia and Tasmania. Now it has something unique to offer humans.

The venom in the males’ feet may lead to a new treatment for type II diabetes... More »

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