Play Chess to Lose Weight
Week of January 24

chess gameIt does seem impossible that a chess player can burn six thousand calories a day during tournaments, but in two thousand four, the winner Rustam Kasimdzhanov lost seventeen pounds while playing six games of chess. It turns out that the average weight loss while playing championship level chess is two pounds a day. Here’s why... More »

Why Women Get More Autoimmune Diseases
Week of January 17

autoimmune diseasesOur curiosity about our ancestors probably doesn’t extend to one particular mammal… the first animal to have a placenta after the dinosaur extinction. A new theory suggests that having a placenta contributes to women having more auto immune diseases... More »

Real Life Zombies
Week of January 10

real life zombiesWe laugh at zombie films but we actually have real life zombies… What are you talking about, Norbert? I’m not talking about human zombies but microbial ones waking after centuries or millennia of being buried in ice. They’re coming to life as global warming melts permafrost in parts of Russia and other once frigid places... More »

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