Not So Dirty Dogs
Week of August 15

dirty dogThe debate rages on….cats versus dogs. We both have cats, Dave, but I’ve also had dogs that were a close part of our family. They’re great companions, make great service animals. Well, a new study gives us another reason to pick dogs... More »

Flakka - A Dangerous High
Week of August 9

defective geneThere are many reasons to keep an eye on our kids, but one can have life or death implications: illegal drugs, and in particular a drug called Flakka. Today, kids may not know what they’re taking because many are unique chemicals made by an illegal lab. This means unlucky teens can end up taking a lethal dose... More »

Outrunning Alzheimer's
Week of August 2

outrunning alzheimerEvery minute, someone in America develops Alzheimer’s, but there may be a way to outpace this disease and it’s through exercise. A recent report revealed exercise helped prevent both mental and physical decline. The study involved more than four hundred fifty people undiagnosed with dementia. For twenty years, they got routine physicals and memory assessments... More »

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