Your Brain is Better Off Without An Appendix

parkinson and gutSometimes a medical discovery can make fascinating connections. The latest suggests people who’ve had their appendix removed face a lower risk for Parkinson’s disease...More »

Pot and the Teen Brain
Week of April 19

pot and the teen brainIf you’re the parent of teenagers, it’s time to talk about marijuana. So, what do you say when they retort, “But it’s being legalized everywhere!” Not true, but it is heading there. Dave, your kids are grown, but we can help parents inform their teens and it’s timely because a recent survey found over one-third of high schoolers have smoked pot in the past year. These kids may not know their developing brain is especially sensitive to the effects of cannabis because the brain continues to evolve into early adulthood... More »

Killing All Cancer Cells
Week of April 12

zika virusAmong the best approaches to beating cancer is to use the body’s own resources. Now one of these may just lead to a cancer cure. It aims to kill any cancer cell, anywhere in the body, with potentially no side effects... More »

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