Semi-Precious Pathogens
Week of October 18

Drilling a cavityDave: Hey Norbert, did you know Lyme disease is on the uptick?

Norbert: Oh boy... (sigh)

Dave: What? (laugh)

Anyway Lyme disease is a bacterial infection people get through bites from infected ticks. It’s the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the US that’s transmitted by a blood sucking arthropod... More »

A One-Letter Blond
Week of October 11

Bug in amberIf you’re tempted to make a dumb blond joke, don’t, because they’re obsolete! Turns out, blond hair is determined by a single letter in the three billion letters of the human genetic code, and affects no other trait - not intelligence nor the capacity for fun.

This new discovery came from studies on Sticklebacks, a small fish in various habitats around the world, each group having evolved its own distinct skin color. A gene called the Kit ligand is responsible for the fish’s skin pigment which in an earlier study, scientists found also affects skin color in humans, and possibly hair color too... More »

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