Microlesions in Epilepsy
Week of June 12

Microlesions in EpilepsyYou may not be aware that epilepsy affects one in a hundred Americans, making it a rather common brain disorder. A contestant on this season’s American Idol is epileptic and had to wear dark glasses to keep the blinking lights from triggering an attack.

While some people respond well to treatment, a third don’t and for most epileptics the cause of their seizures remains a mystery. Researchers are looking into a possible explanation. Using a combination of genetic analysis, mathematical modeling and microscopic imaging, scientists have identified millimeter sized microlesions in the brains of fifteen people who had surgery for their epilepsy. Their brains had otherwise appeared normal... More »

Dollars and Sense of Alzheimer’s
Week of June 19

If you could spend a small amount now to save billions of dollars later, would you do it? That’s what the Alzheimer’s Foundation is proposing. Its focus is on five years. By delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s by just five years, we’d save hundreds of billions in healthcare.

The foundation’s recent report suggests by investing two billion dollars a year starting in twenty-fifteen, the savings of successfully delaying Alzheimer’s would pay for the cost of research in just three years. How? Because treating Alzheimer’s is expensive... More »

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