There Is No Tickling Yourself
Week of October 25

tickling yourselfDo you know why you can’t tickle yourself, Dave? Kind of. Surprise is a part of it, right? That we don’t know when it’s going to happen and for how long. You know, if we could actually tickle ourselves, how crazy would it be to accidently tickle myself and start laughing hysterically. Oh man, that would be weird... More »

The Limit of Human Endurance
Week of October 18

human enduranceNorbert, what’d you think of the people who ran three thousand miles across the country to raise money for childhood obesity? Remember that? It was in two thousand fifteen. Yeah, I remember and I thought kudos to them but it just sounded nuts. I mean can the human body take that? Good question, scientists actually studied these ultra-runners to see if there is a measurable upper limit to human endurance... More »

What If Opioids Went up in Smoke
Week of October 11

opiods up in smokeWhen we talk about opioid addiction, we forget that many people who need opioids are cancer patients and others in chronic pain. So, how do we balance their need to live a tolerable life and also prevent opioid abuse? A recent study noted a solution already working across the US... More »

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