Defeating Prostate Cancer
Week of February 12

Prostate cancerWe’re always looking for good news on cancer treatment and found one that could affect us personally. A new study on 150 men with advanced prostate cancer found nearly 90% of them could be helped with drugs already available or under study! That’s great considering it’s the second deadliest cancer for men behind skin cancer.

These men had MCRPC which is metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer where the cancer cells have spread to other tissues. A sequence of the tumors show MCRPC is fundamentally different from primary prostate cancer and requires therapy targeting its specific mutations... More »

The Good Side of Viruses
Week of February 5

Humans harbor numerous retrovirusesWhile we’re gaining more knowledge about the bacteria that live in and on us, we know very little about our virome. These are viruses that are part of the human microbiome, the total collection of viruses that we coexist with. We generally don’t regard viruses highly. They’re culprits of disease from the common cold to Ebola.

So, imagine our surprise at finding beneficial symbiotic viruses, ones that coevolved with humans for millennia. During the sequencing of the human genome, scientists found about eight percent that resemble infectious retroviruses similar to HIV. These human endogenous retroviruses or HERVs are remnants of retroviral infections in our ancestors that became fixed in the human genome... More »

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